from az

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this is JADE's pet, MELINA!
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    JADE's Interests
my fave color is green
i like to play volleyball
my favorite food is sushi
i love concerts & music
i love the ocean
thrifting & boba < 3
crocheting is pretty cool
i like taking pictures and stuff
one of my fave movies is spider-man into the spider verse!🕷
im a dancer 🩰
i play piano & guitar!
learning japanese! こにちわ

about me:
hii i'm jade :D, some of my passions are music, dance, art, and photography. my main goal is to blow up and then act like i don't know nobodayyy ah ah aha a 🦈
what kinda art i make:
i make photography and collages most of the time, and i sketch & scrapbook on occasion.

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  JADE's stats!

went to arizona conservatory for arts and academics high school
took dance, journalism, and photography
im a server/ line cook at sauce pizza n wine :0
my bday is november 9, 2004
thai tea is my fave milk tea
my house burnt down a few months ago🔥
fave anime is attack on titan and erased
some of my fave artists: tame impala, mitski, steve lacy, tv girl, sza, alex g, erykah badu, tyler, the creator, childish gambino, mac miller, mac demarco, the smiths, pink floyd, rhcp, sublime, kali uchis, kendrick lamar, (too many to name sorry)